Balance Through Imbalances, 2017

Photographic Series, 84.1cm x 118.9cm

Balance Through Imbalances came to be through the fascination in creating a sense of harmony through conflicting formal elements such as line, colour, shape, tone, texture and composition. The series’ aim was to create an aesthetic balance through such countering factors.

The collaboration of plants and geometric architectural surroundings was used to further such notions, creating a balance through the opposing irregularity of the organic matter against the rigidness of manmade matter. This opt also allowed for a minimal colour palate with subtle bursts of green incorporating another realm of options for visual offset. Amongst the elements mentioned, the use of natural light and shadows were also taken into consideration.

The work’s conceptual intent was extended to overall display. Through the use of alignment, open space, and tactical combinations an overall balance through imbalance was achieved in composition. embodying the title’s principles in the composition itself.