installation view

Constant, 2018

Multimedia installation; collage, mono print, digital manipulation, audio and projection

detail of digitally manipulated prints

Constant's main objective was to visually embody the feelings and emotions that arise as a consequence of the overwhelming realm of options of consumption one is presented with in this contemporary age. The work emphasises the unwanted nature upon these existing forms of consumption, hence the back to front juxtaposition of the figure. This literal skew captures the confusion between this wanting and rejecting.

The final work takes the form through a projected installation, made up of a number of digitally manipulated and later animated mono prints. Mono print was opted for due to unsteady line it creates - visually capturing this air of instability. The animation is accompanied by a background audio of sporadic walking foot steps. The repetition in stride, figure, audio, along with the overlapping of feet further enhance this element of uneasiness. A state in which one is continuously bombarded with something to take in - somewhat of an unpleasant abstract rush.