Edges, 2019

Mono print on paper

Series of 18, 21 x 29.7 cm

Edges presents a series of prints of individuals – in this case all female – who have an air of vulnerability in their gaze and/or positioning. Vulnerability is not an emotion that can be generalised. Some feel empowered by vulnerability, others – sad, anxious, uncertain, closed off, even embarrassed.

Edges depicts the externalities of such ranging emotions. The intention is to prompt viewers to embrace this idea of ‘weakness’ that is tied to vulnerability – to feel into it, to let the inner suppression surface, in turn allowing true growth and progression to take lead.

The medium Mono Print heavily lends to the series’s intent. It’s unpredictability falls in line with the uncertain nature that comes with vulnerability. Furthermore, the aesthetic effect achieved in some areas is hazy, grainy, and blurred, while being sharp, strong and fluid in others. This variation in line visually captures the state of flux experienced when embracing one’s vulnerabilities.