installation view

individual prints

Exposed - Habit Made Hobby, 2017

Mono print installation, 

Size varying from 14.8cm x 21 cm to 21cm x 29.7 cm

Exposed - Habit made Hobby stemmed off this idea of habits vs. hobbies, the question of whether one’s daily routines are done out of routine or pleasure.

The final body of work is made up of a selection of mono prints from an ongoing process in which the task to produce at least one print a day was set. This effort spanned over twenty-one days - the amount of time claimed to make a new habit stick. The nature of the prints are self reflective, taking the form as somewhat of a visual diary. The work was initiated through the personal urge to become more self-aware and improve upon existing habits.

The choice of medium was an extension of the work’s conceptual intents, with the raw aesthetic resonating with the self exposing nature of the prints. The prints’ variation in ink tone, paper weight, and hue was taken into consideration in process - with an attempt to best visually represent the specific mood encountered day by day.

The installation view takes form in three rows, each row representing a week from the total twenty-one days. Besides the physical installation, an Instagram account @emmafsad was created where cropped frames of the prints were shared. The intent in this was to address and demonstrate how although individuals are constantly ‘exposing’ themselves on social media, that captured online is merely a filtered reality. Here one can control the highlights shared, hence why only cropped versions of the prints are revealed. The uploads are dated and captioned with glimpses into each print’s individual motive. 


instagram view @emmafsad