installation view 

Observe, 2018

Multimedia installation; photographic series and audio

14.8 x 21cm

Observe is an installation series of photos, taken at thirty minute intervals, over the span of one day, starting at 08:00 am and extending until 01:00 am. The installation includes an accompanying audio that enhances and hints at key elements, acts, conversation, or vehicles encountered within sequence. Observe takes a unique approach in documenting a day in the life of the artist, one that prompts constant lines of observation upon occurring tasks, happenings, and surroundings which may typically be overlooked.

The photos’ were printed at a generic size and the aesthetic was kept rather raw, with minor editing alterations. This aligned with the unforced documentative nature of the work. The timeline display creates a sense of intimacy taking the viewer in and along the artists day. The audio is also kept ongoing, building upon this impression of a streamline journey. There is no guarantee that the viewer will enter the installation at the audios starting point, as a result the viewer is prompted to be more attentive, having to create the connection between the duality of sensory matter for themselves. 


audio sync with photographic series

photo details