individual prints

details and installation view

Preparatory Prevent - In The Lines, 2019

Mono print and soft pastel

Preparatory Prevent roots from the artist’s feelings upon habitual preparative routines creating
 an intangible block towards a day’s actuality. Rituals originally implemented to aid a situation, shift into preventative acts that hinder from the present. Preparatory Prevent aims to visually represent such frustrations, by personifying significant objects, 
and restricting functionality through a literalisation of this blocking sensation. These blocks become hovering burdens, enclosing the objects in their existing environments.

In The Lines takes form through a structured framework reminiscent of a colouring book. It materializes through mediums known for their unpredictability, which presented difficulty in process to ‘colour within the lines’. This limitation of the meduims free properties 
mirrors the restrictive nature that may arise in the act of preparation.

Colour varies, as would mood, time, and day - yet, repetition in sequence lingers.

Preparatory Prevent - Ready, 2019

Mono print, soft pastel and acrylic

42 x 59.4 cm

The sitter’s preparative dos, are done. Despite being dressed, groomed,
 fed and packed, a hovering block remains. Here the concept of this Preparatory Prevent is confronted - suggesting that it may not be the objects and routines that are creating this blocking sensation, but rather the individuals mental connotations tied to them.