Restrained, 2018

Photographic series

Restrained was part of an experimental body of work responding to the theme of social conformity, which then led up to the installation Silent Simon Says. The initial intent was to try and visually interpret this idea of being enclosed within a conformist reality.

Through the means of a slow shutter speed and strong source of light, the artist started to take stills of her physically forming the shapes surrounding her. A square, circle, and triangle were chosen as they are all regulated and familiar shapes, capturing this ‘formation of the norm’. The representation of each shape was repeated three times, with each formal outcome varying slightly from that prior. This element of variation aims to portray the unattainable realities that come when trying to conform within regularised social structures.

Although the process of the photos being taken was not documented, the act of having to continuously repeat the motion in order to capture the desired shape felt strenuous. This was confronting for the artist, with its physical impact capturing the efforts she, and others may at times put themselves through, due to this obligatory feeling to conform.