detail of drawings

Variables, 2017

Multimedia installation; pencil/charcoal/pen drawing, audio and projection, 

21 x 29.7 cm

Variables are a series of motion drawings, a line captured through space and time.

These motion drawings were initiated as something done to pass time with the aspect of spontaneity being the driving factor. Through the analysis of these studies, it came to the artists attention that the surrounding circumstances encountered on each journey were what determined the variation in the visuals’ outcomes. This observation led to the urge to convey how the same journey can be undergone numerous times, but the outcome will always differ from the one prior or subsequent. This concept extended into a socially-concerned metaphor for the obstacles that life throughs ones way. Similar to an enroute experience, throughout life, one may encounter re-occurring happenings, both good and bad. it is the surrounding circumstances, and furthermore, how the one reacts towards such factors, that will determine their reality.

In order to encapsulate this concept, the final series of drawings were all documented on the same day, following the same route, with the differentiating element being the time of day. This element of variation has clearly been translated with evident visual diversity when comparing one drawing to the next. The interchange of medium per line was implemented to further visually capture this idea of variables effecting outcomes. The mediums individual formal properties embody the motion experienced - pencil marked slow moving traffic, with its subtle tone and soft line. Charcoal marked bumpy roads and areas of speed, being a rapid and abrupt medium. A fine tip pen marked neutral motion, with its line remaining fluid and cohesive.